Charging different battery types from a single charge source

Charge voltages are quite often different for different types of batteries. For instance carbon fibre batteries need to be charged at a higher voltage than is sometimes realised in order to get a full charge. Maintenance free batteries also require a higher charge voltage.

But these higher charge voltages can damage other types of batteries. For instance AGM and Gel batteries are quite susceptible to damage from high voltage.

When these different types of batteries are combined with any form of split charge device from a single charger it is possible that one of the batteries will be overcharged. This can be alleviated with the combined use of SmartGauge and SmartBank Advanced.

This tip was generated in two parts. Firstly by a request from Edwards Electrical. SmartGauge Electronics then incorporated the required modifications to enable the system to be set up to operate with different battery types. The modifications required were the SmartBank high voltage disconnect and display reports incorporated into SmartGauge software revision r1.07 at the request of Edwards Electrical.

Two things are required.....

Connect the charger to the battery that requires the higher charge voltage. Call this battery A. Set the charger to the voltage required for battery A.

SmartGauge/SmartBank Advanced combination will connect the relay once charging commences in the usual manner thus charging battery B.

Set the SmartBank high voltage disconnect just slightly higher than the maximum permissible charge voltage for battery 2. Once this voltage is reached SmartBank will disconnect battery 2 from the charge source. Once battery 1 is fully charged, and the charger drops into float charge, SmartBank will reconnect battery 2 to maintain charge.

How simple is that?

It prevents overcharging battery 2, is totally automatic and will maintain both batteries on float charge once battery 1 is fully charged.

During the high voltage disconnect period the SmartBank LED on SmartGauge will flash on a 50/50 cycle to indicate high voltage disconnect. If full status reporting is enabled in the SmartBank setup menu (dt F as opposed to dt L) then the display will alternate between HU d (High Uoltage disconnect) and the normal display.


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