Choosing your DC charging and split charging system.

Here we have simply disconnected the output of the alternator and reconnected it directly to the domestic bank isolator switch. You can instantly see that the path from the alternator to the domestic bank is now much more direct. Therefore less losses, therefore more efficient charging.

So is this perfect?

Far from it. But as I said earlier, it is far better than the diode splitter route.

For one, it only splits the charge from the alternator. If a single output AC powered charger is added to the domestic bank, this will not charge the engine start battery. The same can be said for solar panels, wind turbines etc. No other chargers can charge the engine start battery. This same problem also applies to the diode splitter route. But at least with the split charge relay it is cheap and simple, and doesn't mess up the charge voltages as seen by the batteries.

Is that all that is wrong with it? No there are a few other problems.

So can anything be done about these disadvantages?

Yes, and that's something we'll come to next........

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