SmartBank is available in 2 different flavours. Both are relay based, intelligent, split charge controllers. SmartBank Standard is the self contained unit taking care of all your split charge needs, whatever the charge source. When installed in conjunction with the SmartGauge battery monitor, the SmartGauge operates as a full remote display along with emergency battery paralleling and comprehensive error reporting. SmartBank Advanced is the slave operated split charge device which performs the same functions as SmartBank Standard, plus more, and operates as a remote slave device controlled by the SmartGauge battery monitor.

SmartBank Standard split charge controller

SmartBank-Standard The self contained central control unit which is the "brains" of the ultimate split charge system. The unit can be sited where most convenient and the relays can remain near to the batteries thus keeping the heavy duty battery cables as short as possible for increased charge efficiency and performance. Operates independantly of SmartGauge.

Now standard fit on many super-yachts, narrowboats and barges and the preferred choice of experienced marine engineers. SmartBank has made enormous inroads into the fleet vehicle market and has all but replaced every other type of split charge unit used by the premier UK ambulance builders. SmartBank Standard was designed specifically because existing "solutions" to split charge problems simply did not work.


Key Benefits

Additional cabling only thus retaining warranties.
Programmable to suit any installation.
No loss split charging.
Emergency engine start facility.
Available for systems up to 600 amps charge capability.
Split charge from any charge source.
For 2, 3 or even 4 bank installations.
Interface to SmartGauge battery monitor.
Dual battery sensing.

SmartBank Advanced....

operates in a very similar way to SmartBank Standard but requires installation of the SmartGauge battery monitor. SmartBank-Advanced cannot operate alone. The two devices then operate together giving the most intelligent split charge system currently available. Extra functions such as intelligent, automatic engine start battery priority charging, warning of relay or installation failure and various other error reports all become available. The combination of SmartBank and SmartGauge gives the user a totally integrated battery monitoring and split charge system with full remote control and manual emergency operation of the split charge system. There simply is no other system currently available offering the versatility and intelligence of the SmartBank Advanced and SmartGauge combination.


For more details on some FAQs and SmartBank advantages visit the technical section via the link at the top. In particular have a look at the section on split charge diodes and the section on high current surge.

Also have a look at the Technical Description


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